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Cutworm Specialties makes your hot rod dream a reality.

About Us and the Team

Cutworm Specialties, Inc. was established in 2006 in the small town of Hayesville, NC. What started primarily as a motorcycle repair and custom paint shop looking to provide a service, Cutworm Specialties, Inc. has gradually evolved into a shop driven by the passion to design and manufacture custom hot rods and the challenge of custom fabrication projects.

At Cutworm Specialties, we don’t waste time searching automotive graveyards for frames and body parts.  We don’t raise dead vehicles; we create fresh designs and use unique materials to make each completed project different from the next. We hand craft each hot rod piece from the start to the finish of the project, one custom hot rod at a time. Metal working and fabrication is what makes Cutworm Specialties’ hot rods stand out from other manufacturers in the industry. From engines and drivelines to suspensions and wheels, we make interior and exterior components from the ground up for each vehicle. If we can build it from scratch; we will try. We can also give you a modern feel with a push button start to an incredibly high-performance engine in a clean, sleek automotive body. You will not find parts like these on any other hot rod or vehicle. Nowhere at all.

Want to see our handy work? We have had the pleasure of having some of our custom hot rods featured in a few media outlets, including Southrn Fresh and Speed Hunters. We were thrilled and honored to be the contest winner in this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Check out this awesome interview featuring our aluminum dually! Can we make your dream a reality?

Jeb Greenstone of cutworm specialties

Jeb at work at Cutworm Specialties!